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NSL possess few important CD-ROM databases including ADONIS, BPO, CA, CAB Abstracts, FACCTS, Global Books in Print, GPO, IEL, SCI, Current Contents, ExtraMED, Indian Standards, LISA Plus, PASCAL, Ulrich Plus and US Patents, etc.





ADONIS (1991-1996)

Provides images of Full Text articles appearing in 798 Biomedical Journals published by 80 European and North American Publishers.

Business Periodicals On disc (BPO)

(Global Edition) (1987-2002)

  1. Contains abstracts of articles from more than 800??/2218 management and business journals.
  2. Contains full text of articles from more than 480 of these journals.

AHEAD: Asian Health, Environmental & Allied Databases (1995-1998)

Contains full-text and bibliographic databases related to water management, recycling of waste water, hygiene education and community participation. "Wealth Asia", contains the entire Medicinal and Aromatic Plants bibliographic database mentioned above and a full-text database of Indian plant, animal and mineral resources, based on the well known "Wealth of India" encyclopaedic book series.             "Health Asia" and contains a bibliographic database on tropical (mosquito-transmitted) diseases and occupational safety and health, a full-text database on water-borne (diarrhoeal) diseases, and a natural toxins database providing text and pictorial information on poisonous plants and animals.

CA on CD (1996-2001, 2004+ )

Covers scientific disciplines including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, material science, agricultural science, etc. Provides journal article references (with abstracts) from nearly 9500 major scientific journals worldwide and patent and patent family references from 50 active patent issuing authorities around the world. Offers value-added content from journals and patents

    • Concept information e.g. diseases, processes, techniques, etc.
    • Comprehensive substance information e.g. specific chemical structures, generic or Markush structures, trade names, trivial names, systematic names, synonyms, molecular formulas

CAB Abstracts (1972+)

The most comprehensive bibliographic, abstracting and indexing database. Covers the applied life sciences, including agriculture, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary medicine and the environment. Includes molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, breeding, taxonomy, physiology and other aspects of pure science relating to organisms of agriculture, veterinary or environment importance.

GPO (Research Edition): General Periodicals (1988-2002)

Contains abstracts and full articles from 2558 general science, social science, psychology, education, business etc.

ComputerSelect (1994- March 2000)

Provides Full Text & Abstract from 150 journals pertaining to computer science.

Current Contents (2000-2004) (Now: Online 1998+)


Emerald (1997-1998) (Now: Online 1995+)

Provides information on management, library services and engineering.

Health Reference Centre (HRC) (1992-1998)

Resource for health related research for nursing and allied health students as well as consumer health researchers Provides information as combination of indexing, abstract or full text. Provides an integrated collection of general interest health and fitness magazines, medical and professional periodicals, reference books and pamphlets.

ExtraMED Biomedical Journals Library (1994-1996)

Contains full text, as page images, of the papers from over best 300 Third World biomedical journals Focuses on journals excluded from international indexes e.g. MEDLINE Largest source of full text biomedical literature from developing countries (India, Pakistan, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and others). Covers literature from traditional medicine, tropical medicine etc.

FACCTS – Faulkner’s Advisory on Computer and Communication Technologies (June 1999-2001)

Contains continually update and fully searchable reports (more than 1250) related to critical issues, trends, market conditions, products, services and vendors driving the IT and communications industries. In-depth expert reports in the areas of: IT asset management; Wireless communications; Application development; Electronic commerce; Enterprise data networking; Business intelligence/Content management; Converging communications; e-government; Mobile business strategies; Information security; Broadband; Telecom & global network services; Internet strategies; Web-site management. Reports are used for tracking technology advancements, strategic planning and competitive analysis, market awareness, implementation support, product and services evaluation, vendor review and comparison, and educating technical staffer and technology end-user.

Indian Standards on CD-ROM (Start-2004)


LISA Plus: Library & Information Science Abstracts (1969-2002; Now: Online 1969+ )

Provides information on all area of library and information science from 440 periodicals from more than 68 countries and in more than 20 different languages.

PASCAL (1995+)

A multilingual, multidisciplinary bibliographic database with abstracts. Covers core scientific literature in Science, Technology and Medicine with special emphasis on French and European literature. Besides 600 journal titles, also indexes often hard to locate literature such as conference proceedings, scientific reports and dissertations.

Predicasts F&S Index Plus (in 2 disks: US & International) (1994-current)

Covers English and foreign language newspapers (translated into English) and trade magazines. Covers sources from Europe, Asia and Latin America. Provides full text of brief articles and excerpts of longer articles. Covers all manufacturing and service industries and a wide range of business and technology related subjects.

Ulrich’s Plus: Periodical Directory (1996+ )

provides detailed information of a periodical including publisher, history, subscription, circulation, availability , subject, coverage, etc. covers about 4,26,800 periodicals published world over. searchable on title, country, subject, publisher, keyword, ISSN, CODEN, Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress Class Number, etc.

Science Citation Index (SCI) (1980+)

provides access to current bibliographic information and cited references. covers approximately 3,500 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals in a broad range of disciplines. cited reference searching; optional searchable author abstracts; Related Records; author keywords; Keywords Plus; and author names and addresses. annual SCI-CD’s are available from 1980. SCI CD-ROM with Abstracts Edition available from 2006.

US Patents (1990-1994 (Full Text); 1995-2002 (Images))

provides full text / graphic image of the actual patent including text, drawings, schematics and structures. provides search on: Patent number; Issue date; Application number; Filing date; Priority number; International Class; US class; Inventor; Patent owner (Assignee); and Title / Abstract.

Indian Science Abstracts on CD-ROM

Single source of comprehensive S&T information generated in India. A database of nearly 2 lakhs Indian science abstracts of original research articles short communications, review articles, informative articles, patents, standards and theses covering the period from 1990 onwards. Searchable by keyword, author, corporate author, issue number & year of publication, source journal, and type of document.

National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India (NUCSSI) on CD-ROM

Valuable information tool and provides location information of serials. Covers holdings information of nearly 425 major libraries in India. Updated till 2001 Searchable through various options like journal title, library, city, and subject. Helps in rationalized acquisition of serial in libraries by encouraging resource sharing.

Indian Patents on CD-ROM

Bibliographic database that provides information on more than 52,600 patents granted in India from the year 1975 to 2002. Information about a patent comprises patent title, applicant(s) and inventor(s) names, patent and application numbers, application and publication dates, International Classification Code and country. Database searchable by keywords from title, applicant(s) and inventor(s) names, patent number, application number, application date, publication date, international classification code and subject.

Useful to scientists, researchers, patents attorneys and patent offices, libraries of R& D units and business houses




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