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Bibliometric and Scientometric Service :

Bibliometric service is carried out for studying growth, development and spread of any area of research, and also for identifying centres of excellence, influential authors etc. The service is useful for heads of departments / institutions, research planners, policy makers and individual scientists. Under this service following analytical studies are carried out:

 Citation Analysis: Checks how many times and where a given paper has been cited in world literature.

Impact Factor of Journals: Impact factor of a journal implies the frequency with which the average article of the journal has been cited in a particular year.

Institutional Research Output: This covers analysis of research papers published by institutions, calculating author's productivity, journal preferences, impact factor analysis, subject growth trend analysis etc.

Service Charges:

Name of the Service


Citation Analysis

Rs. 1000/- for a period of 2 years per set of 10 papers or less.

Rs 60/- per additional 10 papers or part thereof for every additional year.

Impact factor of non-SCI journals

Rs.3000/- per journal per year publishing around 100 articles in a year or less.
Rs.500/- per additional 20 articles or part thereof.

Average of the three years journal publications included for IF calculation will be taken as the total articles published in a journal for calculating the estimate of IF-Calculation service of Non-SCI journal. 

Institution/Project Analysis

For institution: Rs. 25,000/- + Rs. 500/- per hour of manpower used.

50% extra charges over and above the normal rates will be charged for rush orders.

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